Hygiene concept

The ticket purchase should preferably be made online and with all contact details. Until further notice, all tickets are only valid for the booked ship tour or departure time. There is the possibility to buy tickets on site. The ticket system of the BPS ensures that every ticket sale can be traced, so that any necessary tracing of chains of infection is guaranteed. For this purpose, name and telephone number must be given when purchasing tickets on site. To avoid waiting times and delays, we recommend purchasing tickets in advance in the online shop. If you buy tickets on site, we would like to ask you to arrive at the BPS Ticket Office as early as possible, as ticket sales currently take a little longer.
For the possible tracing of infection chains, the personal data of our passengers are recorded in compliance with data protection. The recording of customer contact data is usually carried out on board by means of corresponding recording sheets. The data is stored securely for four weeks and is protected from access by unauthorised persons. After four weeks, the data is completely destroyed.
Mouth and nose protection must be worn upon entry. Tickets must be presented without being asked.
Mouth-to-nose coverings must be worn when purchasing tickets and in the boarding queue. The following regulations apply on board: In general: Where the minimum distances cannot be maintained, guests are required to wear mouth-to-nose coverings.

Guests are required to wear mouth-to-nose coverings in the interior areas of the ships. This is only dispensable when taking food and drinks directly at the place. There is no obligation on the open deck.
On board the BPS ships, ventilation systems provide fresh outside air in all enclosed spaces. This ensures optimum air exchange and the removal of aerosols.
If there are enough seats available, the seats can be taken freely following the instructions of our staff on board. As soon as seating becomes scarce, our staff will guide the guests (sometimes in groups, observing the spacing rules) to the free tables.

*BPS event cruises / BPS New Year's Eve events*
For all BPS event cruises, a table reservation is made in advance for all registered guests by the responsible ship manager or restaurant manager, based on the existing bookings. Booked groups will of course be placed together, if the situation allows. For BPS New Year's Eve cruises, table and seat reservations are made by the BPS ServiceCenter. The staff on board will escort the guests to the reserved tables
Wherever possible, we indicate a one-way system via notices and stickers on the floor. Should guests not be able to keep distances, the wearing of a mouth-nose covering is mandatory.
Seating is mandatory when taking food. Fewer tickets will be sold than seats available in order to comply with no-contact policy and minimum spacing requirements. Food will be served as a plate meal either at the seat or will be served at the buffet as a plate meal. Beverages will either be served at the seat or will be served at the counter. Drinks may also be consumed at bar tables on the open deck. The applicable no-contact and distance rules must be observed.
The number of people is limited according to the size of the toilet room. The route to the toilets is clearly marked. We point out the distance rules in front of the toilets. The toilets are cleaned at short intervals and the cleaning is documented on a notice board.
All employees in contact with guests wear mouth/nose coverings and wash/disinfect their hands at least every 30 minutes. In principle, the distance rules of 1.5 metres apply to all.
All contact surfaces are cleaned at short intervals. At the tables, this is done after each change of guests.
A dispenser with disinfectant is placed in the entrance area of the ships. All guests must disinfect their hands before entering the ship. All guest toilets are also equipped with disinfectant dispensers.


Tickets are available from the BPS head office or at the sales points at the mooring stations and on the ships.

You can also conveniently purchase your tickets directly via the online shop and simply print them out at home or show them on your mobile phone.
We offer various payment methods. Tickets can be paid for in cash or by EC card. EC and credit card payments are not possible at all BPS Ticket Offices. In the online shop, payments via Paypal and Sofortüberweisung are also possible.
The dispatch of tickets via the BPS head office is possible on request. A fee will be charged for dispatch in accordance with the price list valid at the time of booking.
Only for event rides a surcharge of currently EUR 3,- will be charged at the box office.
On all scheduled cruises and panoramic cruises, advance booking is generally recommended for groups of 10 persons or more. Please contact the BPS head office (Tel: 0228 / 636363, info(at)
In principle, there is no legal entitlement to change, return or refund tickets. If notified in good time (up to one week before the date of travel), tickets can be rebooked on request.
A processing fee of 20 % (min. EUR 3.-) is charged for all refunds, which is waived in the event of ship-related deviations from the timetable or cancellations. Transfers will only be made if the refund amounts to at least EUR 6 within Germany and at least EUR 20 in the case of international transfers. Costs for the transfer will be deducted from the refund amount.
* Children: Children under 4 years of age are only transported if accompanied by a supervisor of full age. A maximum of 3 children aged 4 to 13 inclusive can be carried per full-paying adult. Children between the ages of 4 and 13 accompanied by an adult (families) travel daily on all panorama and scheduled rides at the fixed child fare according to the current BPS timetable (max. 3 children accompanied by a full-paying adult). Exception: cheaper price zones according to the current BPS timetable.

* Pupils and students: up to 27 years of age receive a discount on BPS panorama and scheduled rides upon presentation of their pupil or student ID card, in accordance with the current timetable. Minimum fare is the current children's fare

*Senior citizens: Persons over 60 years of age receive a discount on BPS panorama and scheduled rides according to the current timetable. Minimum fare is the current children's fare

*Groups: Group discounts for adults are granted for BPS panoramic and scheduled rides according to the following scale: 10 discount for 10 paying adults, 20 discount for 20 paying adults, 25 discount for 30 paying adults.

*Birthdays: Birthday children receive a discount on all panorama and scheduled trips according to the current BPS timetable. Tickets for birthday children cannot be purchased in advance or in the online shop, but only at the BPS Ticket Office and only on the day of the birthday (= day of travel) upon presentation of official identification.

*Bicycles: Bicycles, bicycle trailers and e-scooters on all scheduled trips on the Rhine at the price according to the current timetable (one-way trip, supplements excluded)

*Severely disabled persons: In principle, the standard price for adults according to the timetable applies. If the need for an accompanying person is expressly noted in the official ID, this accompanying person travels free of charge. Party and event rides as well as event rides and combination tickets are excluded from this reduction. Tickets for free accompanying persons cannot be purchased in the online shop, but only at the BPS Ticket Office and only upon presentation of an official ID.

*Frequent travellers: With the BPS Card, frequent travellers benefit from a one-time 40 Euro discount on all panorama and scheduled rides for an entire year and can thus save a great deal on just two rides per year. BPS-Card is only available in Bonn at our main office.

The following applies to all reductions, discount cards, etc.: In principle, only one reduction is applicable. In the case of discounted fares, the current fare is automatically rounded up to the next higher euro. The listed discounts do not apply to evening rides, rides with program content, rides within the scope of fireworks events, rides with integrated catering and party rides. No further reductions are granted on fares that have already been reduced (e.g. BPS savings fares, senior citizen reductions, BPS combination tickets or special offers).
The BPS Card is our popular frequent traveller card, which can be worthwhile even for just two journeys a year. For 40 euros, BPS Card holders receive a 50 % discount on all panoramic and scheduled rides for a whole year. The BPS Card is available at the BPS Service Centre and at all agencies at the BPS landing stages.
Rhine in Flames tickets can be purchased at the BPS Ticket Offices or at the BPS Head Office.
BPS value vouchers can be purchased at BPS agencies, on board the ships or at the BPS head office. BPS value vouchers purchased at BPS agencies or at the BPS head office are valid until the end of the third year after purchase of the voucher. The date of purchase can be found on the voucher. An extension of the voucher beyond the expiry date or a cash payment is excluded. The BPS value voucher is valid for all BPS offers and can be redeemed at all BPS ticket agencies. If the voucher exceeds the remaining amount, a new voucher for the remaining value will be issued at the BPS ticket agencies. On board the BPS ships the voucher can also be redeemed for gastronomic services. However, the voucher can only be redeemed in full on board the BPS ships. No new voucher will be issued for any residual value on board the BPS ships. A cash payment is also excluded here. Vouchers are not valid on the ships of the BPS partner shipping companies

Stay on board

On board our ships, we will be happy to spoil you with a reasonably priced range of selected meals and drinks in our à la carte restaurants. Upon request, we will be happy to provide you with separate information listing all major allergens and additives. Please contact the service staff on site.
There is no obligation to eat on board. Food or drinks brought on board may not be consumed in the dining area. The consumption of food brought along is only permitted within the framework of the regular scheduled trips and then only on the open deck. No alcoholic beverages may be brought on board. On the BPS panorama trips, day trips, party and event trips as well as on all trips with catering included in the fare, it is generally not permitted to bring food and drinks or to consume them.
In principle, there is no right to a fixed seat or table. However, we make every effort to seat groups together. For event trips with catering included in the fare, fixed seats are reserved for you, which will be assigned to you when you enter the ship
On scheduled and panoramic cruises, separate areas or tables can be reserved depending on the ship's operation and the size of the group. If you are interested, please contact the BPS Service Center, info(at)
If you are interested in a tailor-made setting for your business or private event on the water, please contact the BPS Service Center, info(at)
Reservations on the open deck are not possible.
There are no designated sleeping or lounging facilities on board.
Cake- flower-, decoration arrangements can be ordered on request / availability for an extra charge. Please contact the BPS head office
On board we explain the most important sights along the route in German and English (other language options: Russian, French).
Free Wi-Fi is not available on board all BPS ships.
Freely accessible power sockets are not available. To charge e-bikes and mobile phones, ask our nautical staff on board.
Unfortunately, out of consideration for other passengers, playing music or singing on board is not permitted.
Yes, there is a dress code

This way you will not have any problems at the entrance:
  • sporty outfit
  • individual chic style
  • casual party outfit
Costumes are also allowed at carnival parties and events with appropriate notation

Please refrain from the following outfits:
  • Tracksuits
  • Leotards
  • Swimming trunks/bikinis/swimsuits
  • Bathrobes
  • Costumes or revealing clothing
  • Shirts with obscene, discriminatory or similar inscriptions/symbols
  • and similar/ridiculous

In addition, a minimum age of 18 applies to all party cruises. The following applies to all BPS boat tours: Admission may be refused to guests who are under the influence of alcohol or who are inappropriately dressed or behave in such a way that a refund of the ticket price is excluded in these cases.
For the party trips of the BPS, if not otherwise indicated, and all other accordingly indicated trips, a minimum age of 18 years applies.
If you book via the BPS head office, we will issue an invoice for the tickets on request. The catering will be invoiced separately on board.
The consumption of tobacco products and similar (e-cigarettes) is only permitted in the outside areas of the ships.

Bringing ...

Animals are generally not permitted on board, with the exception of dogs. However, dogs may only be taken on board as part of the panorama trips and regular scheduled trips. Fares according to the current timetable. Dogs are not permitted on all party and event trips.
Dogs can be taken along on regular scheduled rides. Dogs are not allowed on all party and event rides. A fee of 1.50 EUR must be paid if dogs are taken along. Guide dogs or dogs for the blind are carried free of charge (further information in the section on mobility-impaired passengers). Dogs must be kept on a leash on board and, if necessary, fitted with a muzzle.
Depending on the number of passengers and the type of ship, bicycles, bicycle trailers and e-scooters can be carried for a fee of EUR 2.50 per bicycle/leg

E-bikes, tandems, luggage trailers, child trailers, dog trailers as well as prams and wheelchairs of passengers are carried on board according to the respective accommodation possibilities. There is no entitlement to carriage. The ship's personnel will allocate a specific place for the accommodation of such vehicles and bicycles
Segways may not be taken on board as a means of recreation or transportation.

Persons who are dependent on a walking/driving aid due to a disability (persons with a walking disability = "G" in the severely disabled ID card) and who travel with a Segway and get on and off independently and pull or push their aid can take the Segway with them free of charge. The passenger is responsible for securing the Segway on board.
Separate luggage storage is not available either on board or at the pier, therefore no large luggage (up to max. hand luggage size) should be carried. The passenger is responsible for the transport of luggage and items brought on board to/from the ship. Liability for luggage or items brought on board is excluded.

Children on board

We are happy to heat baby food, please contact the service staff on board.
On some ships there are changing tables in the ladies washrooms. On the other ships of the BPS fleet we recommend to visit the washrooms and to change diapers there. There are no designated breastfeeding facilities.
Passengers' prams and pushchairs will be taken on board free of charge subject to the respective accommodation facilities on board. The ship's personnel may allocate a specific place for the accommodation of such vehicles.
A limited number of highchairs are available on board, please contact the service staff on board.
For children and families we have as a special offer our children's rides . Other event rides are not suitable for children. For individual events we offer reduced student rates, we recommend these from 10 years.

Passengers with reduced mobility

BPS offers special services for passengers with reduced mobility
  • Address of the landing stage or directions/route planner
  • Information about the ship (approx. 2 weeks before departure)
  • Special dietary requests (Please note that not all dietary requests can be fulfilled.)
  • Embarkation before all other guests
  • Tables in the restaurants that can be moved underneath (at least 75 cm high)
  • Handicapped accessible toilets
  • Your companion will be transported free of charge on round trips and scheduled cruises, provided that the symbol "B" is entered in your passport.
  • Your companion dog is welcome on board and is carried free of charge
Severely disabled persons generally pay the standard price for adults. If the need for an accompanying person is expressly noted in the official ID, this accompanying person travels free of charge. Party and event rides as well as event rides and combination tickets are excluded from this reduction. Tickets for free accompanying persons cannot be purchased in the online shop, but only at the BPS Ticket Office and only upon presentation of an official ID.


Passengers should arrive at the pier approximately 15 minutes before the regular departure of the ship and report to the sales agency on site. When is the Ticket Office at the pier open? The Ticket Offices are open 30 minutes before the first departure. What should I do if the Ticket Office is not manned? Please contact our BPS head office during the following opening hours: * Mon-Fri 09.00-16.00 * Sat 09.00-16.00 Tel: 0228 / 636363
Detailed information on the BPS website under Places / Pier Information (further details of car park charges and opening times are not listed).
Detailed information on the BPS website under Places / Pier Information.

Information about the timetable

The deployment of the ships is scheduled about 2 weeks before the trip date and is visible when booking online. There can also be changes of ships at short notice. Please check our online shop on the day of the trip for the latest information.
Deviations from timetables due to high or low water, high passenger volumes and other traffic obstructions due to operational disruptions or interruptions for which BPS is not responsible may occur; however, they do not constitute grounds for liability for compensation. In this respect, no guarantee is given for the adherence to connections
An interruption of the journey is generally not permitted. Passengers wishing to extend their booked journey may purchase a discounted extension ticket on board before disembarking at the original destination
We inform about short term cancellations on the BPS website. If the trip is cancelled by BPS, the ticket holder will be refunded the ticket price upon return of the ticket to the ticket office where the ticket was purchased.
In order to avoid delays in the line timetable, it is unfortunately not possible to wait for individual passengers. In the event of a delay, please contact the local BPS Ticket Office and take a later departure if necessary. In the event of a delay, please inform our BPS head office in order to find alternative departure points / times.
Please contact your nearest BPS agency or BPS Headquarters for personalized information.

Online store

The following trips can be booked via the online shop
  • Scheduled trips on the Rhine and Moselle as part of the BPS timetable
  • Panorama trips in Cologne, Bonn and Königswinter
  • Additional tickets Sea-Life, Drachenfelsbahn, Arp-Museum, Willy Brand Haus
  • Theme / event trips
  • Seasonal offers, such as Advent and New Year's Eve trips
We accept credit card (Visa or Mastercard), Paypal or Sofortüberweisung and Giropay.
At the end of the booking process, you will receive your tickets as a link to save on your mobile phone and as a Walletpass file. In addition, you will receive the tickets by e-mail for Print@Home. This must be presented as an A4 printout and in good quality when boarding the ship. Otherwise, or in the event that the ticket is illegible, a replacement ticket must be purchased for a fee.
The total price of the order includes the statutory value added tax and is due for payment including all fees immediately after conclusion of the contract.
In principle, there is no legal entitlement to a change, withdrawal or refund of online tickets.
However, in exceptional cases we offer a change of your booking. The rebooking is then possible up to one week before the date of travel, if the desired alternative journey can be booked. Any difference will be credited to you as a voucher. Please contact us and inform us of your rebooking request in writing. A rebooking fee of 3 euros will be charged.

In the case of online tickets, there is generally no legal entitlement to change, return or refund. In the case of services in the area of leisure activities with a fixed date of performance, in particular the sale of tickets for events, there is also an exception to the right of revocation and return that otherwise exists in distance selling transactions in accordance with § 312 g (2) sentence 1 item 9 of the German Civil Code (BGB). Each order is binding with the conclusion of the contract.
Unfortunately, there are occasionally cancellations of shipping due to external influences. In order to keep you informed of any changes, we need your contact details. BPS does not send out advertising mailings unless you explicitly request this.