Bonner Personen Schiffahrt

Skippers by tradition - hosts by passion


The BPS is a cooperative with a long tradition. Since 1929, families have joined forces here to draw up joint schedules and support each other in times of crisis. In this way, the community of family businesses forms a unique association on the Rhine.

Each owner family gives their ship a personal flair and a special touch. There is always a representative of the family business on board for you to contact. Over time, the ships have become more comfortable, the catering more varied and the management more sustainable.
Wherever possible, we work together with family businesses from the region.

The careful use of energy and fuels is not just a question of price for us, but has been part of our everyday work for years. Adapted sailing times and mooring situations in regular services are just as much a part of this as switching off energy consumers that are not absolutely necessary - the generators are only used when it is necessary. Since 2018, our ships have been running on GTL, liquid natural gas, which produces considerably fewer emissions than diesel and significantly reduces the consumption of lubricants.
But we are also open to new propulsion systems and are constantly informing ourselves about their feasibility.

As your host, we are always personally on board for you. Together with our long-serving staff on our ships and at the stations, we are fully committed to ensuring that you, our guests, feel at home with us. With many years of experience, we are at your side to plan your event and will be happy to advise you.

All our ships are lovingly maintained by their families and constantly modernised. This allows us to offer you a level of equipment and comfort rarely found on board ships.

We look forward to welcoming you on board!