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Rhine Moselle Tour to the lock Koblenz

Ship: Filia Rheni
Category: Culture

Boat tour from Bonn with all stops in between to Koblenz to the lock.

Pass the Siebengebirge, Linz, Bad Breisig and Koblenz with the fortress Ehrenbreitstein and the German Corner with our event catamaran "Filia Rheni". We sail into the mouth of the Moselle and then dock in Koblenz. Stay from 14:30 to 16:20

Fare incl. Lunch
stuffed beef roulade (classic with bacon) red cabbage boiled potatoes

You are vegetarian, or otherwise want to give us hints;-)
Please send us up to max. 1Tag before the trip an email
Manuela Schmitz

Information on table reservations

We reserve the right to carry out the table allocation at its discretion. We take into account group sizes and numbers of people in groups, as well as space availability on board.Please note that space on board is limited and our tables are designed for 6 - 8 people at a time.If you need more space (wheelchair, walker, physical limitations, etc.) please let us know when booking. The placement is made if necessary together with other guests or in larger groups (over 6 people)at several tables. You will receive a fixed table reservation, which will be assigned to you upon admission. During the trip, however, you have free choice of seat at your table.

  Date Landing stage Departure Return Adults Children
07/19/2022 Bonn Alter Zoll 9:00 19:45 fully booked
07/19/2022 Bonner Bogen 9:25 19:30 fully booked
07/19/2022 Bonn-Bad Godesberg 9:30 19:20 fully booked
07/19/2022 Königswinter 9:45 19:10 fully booked
07/19/2022 Bad Honnef 10:10 18:50 fully booked
07/19/2022 Remagen 10:45 18:25 fully booked
07/19/2022 Linz 11:05 18:15 fully booked
07/19/2022 Bad Breisig 11:40 17:45 fully booked