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General Informationen / special rate / discount

Generall informations

  • The tickets are valid only for the booked trip.
  • The value vouchers are valid 3 years.
  • Beyond the season - the last week in Oktober ,the member´s company use her ship at own account.
  • Passengers have to show the ticket our ship employees and keep it the whole tour on board.
  • Who is not in the possesion of a valid ticket, have to pay 30,00 € at least.
  • We don´t guarantee for beeing in time, or not stopping at our stations.
  • The selfkeeping per passenger for damageor loss of luggage amounts to 60,00 €.
  • By intercalation of the thierd achievement bearer are valid the therms of business of the taken up enterprise.
  • In special events / subject journeys with programme (music) and on all inclusive prices no reductions are granted.
  • No stoppover permitted.

Special rate and discount

senior citizen : from 60 years round 30%
Babys : 0-3 years (max. 2 Babys per 1. Adult.) no charge
Children : 4-13 years (max. 3 children per 1 Adult.) 6,00 €
Teenager & Students: 16-27 years** round 50%
attendance for seriously handicapped*** no charge
on your own birthday* no charge
dogs (Bonn-Linz) 1,50 €
dogs (for Daytrips) 2,00 €
bicycles (per distance) 2,50 €
e-scooter (per distance) 2,50 €
bike trailer (per distance) 2,50 €

Rate for groups

from 10 persons round 10%
from 20 Persons round 20%
from 30 Persons round 25%
(children pay the childrens rate)
rate for children or teenager (until 18 years) rund 50%
1 attendent (per 15 children / Teenager) no charge

* only with presentation of a valid photoidentity card
** only with presentation of a valid school or student identity card
*** only with presentation of a disabled passwith sign "B", no discounts for the handicapped person
(also for handicapped children)